The first international online marketplace for second-hand barrels for winemakers and distillers.

Continually seeking innovation and creativity, we are constantly finding new solutions to satisfy our clients' needs by listening to them. Over the last 20 years, many innovations developed and patented by our engineering office have enabled to add extra technologies to our coopering knowledge. Today, we are meeting a recurring demand from our wine growers and distillers : How can we more easily facilitate second-hand barrel transactions? How can we ensure the quality, traceability and conformity of the barrels? How can we anticipate the needs and add value to the sale? How can we secure the transaction and the shipping of the barrels?

Eager to offer a support solution to find and sell these barrels, we wanted to offer a new service and so developed Reoaked, the first online second-hand barrel market for wine growers and distillers.

Reoaked can now help with selling and buying second-hand barrels without intermediaries, anywhere in the world.


Easing the organisation of barrel parks

Reoaked enables the seller to ancipate the upcoming barrel availability by putting them online a few months before racking. As for the buyer, they are guaranteed to have freshly racked barrels at the agreed date.

Reducing the impact on our forests

Reoaked enables us all to value and sustain the barrels better and ensures the durability of oak resources.

Guaranteeing conformity

A quality expertise carried out by our network of 18 specialists established in 11 countries guarantees an outstanding barrel before each transaction.

Ensuring authenticity

An inviolable QR code placed on each assessed barrel ensures its traceability.

Encouraging local transactions

A geolocation service of the offers encourages local purchases and sales, therefore limiting the carbon footprint from shipping.

Ensuring delivery

Shipping is organised safely by Reoaked by working with transport services accustomed to barrel shipment. The barrel goes straight from the seller to the buyer, therefore avoiding intermediaries to a buffer stock.

True price

The website shows a real-time shipment costing before order confirmation, ensuring a full transparency of the final cost.

Secured payment

As a payment platform, REOAKED enables the buyer to pay by bank card or transfer and guarantees the sellers' payment.


Buyers and sellers carry out their transactions anonymously, guaranteeing full discretion regarding their maturing and aging process. REOAKED is your only contact.

How does it work?

I’m buying

  • I'm looking for an offer.
  • I fill in my search form
    with a maximum of criteria.
  • I look at the offers
    closest to my property.
  • I select an offer.
  • I pay on the platform my order + the
    delivery by bank card or bank transfer.
  • Carrying out the expertise by Reoaked.
  • Batch conforms as published.
  • QR Code of expertise placed on each barrel.
  • Shipping handled by Reoaked.
  • I receive the batch and scan each QR Code
    to ensure traceability.
  • Payment to the seller is provided by Reoaked.

*If the batch is NOT as published, I get a full refund.

I’m selling

  • I create my account for free on the platform
  • I’m submitting an offer
  • I create my offer with a maximum of information + 3 mandatory photos
  • Reoaked validates the offer and publishes it.
  • A buyer selects an offer, confirms the type of expertise and completes the payment online.
  • A Reoaked expert is commissioned to perform the expertise and affixes a QR code to ensure the conformity and the traceability of the appraised barrel. The report is sent to the buyer and the seller.
  • Reoaked is responsible for delivery directly to the buyer.
  • The buyer receives the batch and confirms the delivery by scanning the QR code on the barrel.
  • Reoaked finalizes the payment with the seller.

Trust us

  • Reoaked Community

    Reoaked enables you to anticipate the sale of your second-hand barrels and find the right barrel in the right place thanks to the geolocation service. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, Reoaked is your unique contact.

  • Security of Transactions

    Reoaked guarantees efficient and secure transactions, barrel traceability and logistic organisation until delivery.

  • A customized offer

    Our experts guarantee barrel conformity (provenance, technical integrity, sanitary condition) thanks to our additional services : Standard expertise, Advanced expertise or Safety expertise.

  • Barrels available for sale 4149 Barrels available for sale
  • Registered winegrowers and distillers 4149 Registered winegrowers and distillers
  • Reoaked experts in the world 4149 Reoaked experts in the world
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