Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our network is comprised of coopering, wine maturing and wood aged spirit experts : engineers, oenologists, wine growers and distillers. All have a very wide knowledge and strictly apply the Reaoked expertise charter, a charter that was established in collaboration with French laboratories answering the most demanding certification standards.

Standard expertise


The Standard expertise offers a visual and olfactory inspection from a random sample of 20% of the batch of barrels. This service is free for all transactions when using Reaoked.

Advanced expertise

4€ per barrel

The Advanced expertise guarantees an inspection of the whole batch for an added cost of 4€ per barrel.

Safety expertise

15€ per barrel

The Safety expertise offers, as an addition to the Standard option, a microbiological and halogenated compounds test. An analysis of a sample of wood from the inside of the barrels enables us to confirm the non-presence of brettanomyces, and a sample from the outside of the barrel guarantees that it has been stored in a safe environment free of haloanisols and halophenols. The added cost is 15€ per barrel.


Advanced & Safety expertise

18€ per barrel

An inviolable QR code is placed on each barrel in the batch during the expertise, and this, no matter what option is chosen. The buyer is certified to receive the barrels approved by Reoaked.

Reoaked is in charge of logistics between the seller and the buyer by entrusting the shipping to qualified professionals accustomed to barrel transport.